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MEET VEYA!!!!! How this sweet soul ended up homeless is a mystery. She continues to amaze us with her calm, happy, and goofy demeanor!

Veya can live with another playful dog, or would do just fine as an "only" pup. She likes to relax, go on walks, play, snuggle in the bed, ride in the car, watch you eat or cook, and she is easily directed when you want her to go outside, into a kennel or car, etc. 

Veya will warm your heart and your feet! (She loves to sleep on your feet when you are sitting down.) Veya is very food-motivated and only wants to please her human! Thanks to brisk walks, Veya has shed some unwanted pounds and is full of energy! 

Veya has never had an accident in the house, never destroyed anything and has never showed any type of aggression toward kids/adults.

If you would like to meet this dog, please visit our website for our adoption application, or email


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